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 Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) is the worldwide organization dedicated to ethical standards, continuing professional development, knowledge sharing, mentoring students and advancing free enterprise. SMEI has recently established their chapter regional offices in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. 

Since no other worldwide executive sales and marketing associations exist, SMEI fills a void by providing a personal and professional community devoted to providing knowledge, growth, leadership and connections between peers in both sales and marketing. With over 25,000 members around the world, members benefit from both the strength of an international organization and the resources that a chapter provides through ongoing seminars, lectures and networking opportunities


We’ve come a long way since the late 1880s, when sales and marketing was not popularly considered to be an attractive career or a profession. But many in the business, seeing the need for professional recognition based on sound standards and ethical practices, created Sales Managers’ Clubs. First started in the 1880s in North America, they gradually spread throughout Europe, Australian, South American and the Pacific Rim.

From them emerged SMEI. In 1935, IBM Founder Thomas Watson Sr.; Raymond Bill, founder of Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, and other visionaries invited the presidents of many Sales Managers’ Clubs to New York City to discuss forming a network of sales and marketing executives. The result was the National Federation of Sales Executives, the first of several names for SMEI.

The federation grew quickly, especially after World War II when member CEOs dedicated them to helping Europe and other war-battered areas rebuild their economies. By the late 1940s, the association included more than 40 countries and was the largest in the world for sales and marketing managers. In 1949 it became National Sales Executives (NSE)-International and in 1961 became SMEI.

SMEI continues to be the leading worldwide association of sales and marketing management. Its members are the top CEOs and heads of marketing or sales departments for the world’s leading companies. SMEI members benefit from a quarterly magazine, exclusive social networking sites for business, speeches from marketing leaders, access to the most comprehensive online library on sales and marketing, and frequent local meetings that provide insight into the latest and most effective strategies.

Presence in Middle East

Sales and marketing importance in Middle East has been radically transformed in the last five years. Many organizations have been expanded and became a diversified groups. CEOs and Sales professionals in the region are feeling the importance of Global Body of Knowledge for best practices in Sales and Marketing. Sales and Marketing Executive International will build the first Global Body of Knowledge in Sales and marketing that will combine the best practices for the west and east. This Body of Knowledge will include the different cultures, tactics and strategies followed globally.   

in 2012 Sales and Marketing Executive has started its operation in Egypt. Saudi Arabia , Jordan and UAE has followed in 2013. 

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